We believe in We believe in education for all and especially education for girls and therefore have opened many Schools, Institutes and a Hostel for girls where the emphasis is not given only on the book learning but aldo on Moral education, Physical education, Spiritual & Yoga education, Sanskrit education, Music education and Vocational education. To groom their personalities, girls are prepared to participate in various curricular activities like dancing, drawing, painting, sports, stitching, embroidery, cooking etc. Moreover, we keep on introducing many other vocational courses like food preservation, soft toys making, beautician, computer course etc so that they can stand on their own feet after completing their education.

Environmental Responsibility

35% of total power consumption at Sumitra Woodcraft is Solar based.

We boast a Water Harvesting Tank with a capacity of 15,00,000 ltr. per annum.

Fair Trade Activities

Sumitra Woodcraft is the first one to get Fair Trade certification. We at Sumitra Woodcraft believes that employees are the integral part of the company. We keep their growth and happiness equally important as that of our Company. Here are some activities that we carry out every year under Fair Trade.